Guard Street Story

The world we live in today can be scary. The number of victims of cybercrime and ID theft is growing drastically worldwide and the average financial loss is now in the thousands per victim and rising. Fraudsters, criminals, hackers and marketers are steps ahead in using online devices to collect personal data. It's incredibly easy to become a victim these days if you use a mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop to social network, shop and bank online. Saving files, sending emails, carrying a wallet or purse and even a luggage tag isn't safe anymore. Free or cheap email comes at a price. You pay for it with your data being sold or being subjected to unwanted advertisements all the time. Plus, data that other companies may have about you may be exposed to bad guys through data breaches.

Our co-founders are big time advocates for protecting data security and consumer privacy BEFORE there is a problem. But to do that, you need to have the right data protection tools in place. Even then, we believe reactive identity theft protection is important too – since we can’t control what others do with our data.

Our ultimate goal was to create a virtual community that's safe for our users. We started by doing our homework on the tools available in the marketplace and created something better — an all in one protection kit that you can use everywhere to save you time and money combined with essential identity theft protection coverage. It went like this...

  1. We identified which consumers are the target and when they are vulnerable.
  2. We determined what needs to be in packages to get all around protection.
  3. We did our homework and found that some of our customers' data needed to be stored in a safer place. This data is stored on secure servers in Switzerland.
  4. We tested the tools and continue to re-test all the time so our customers get the most advanced protection in their peer group.
  5. We included the essential identity theft monitoring, insurance and restoration services that consumers would need to get and keep their identity on track.
  6. We realized many customer's needs may be unique, so we created a portfolio of packages for a truly customized solution.

Our Mission

Protect our customers' privacy, identity, personal data, and anonymity while they make purchases, bank, navigate the internet, travel and live their life every day.

Our Customer Commitment — We will never sell your data to advertisers.

  • Most Complete Privacy Offering – Our holistic approach provides online protection when you're browsing, emailing, storing data, shopping, banking and traveling, blended with identity theft protection should there ever be an issue. All in one place.
  • Best In Class – We take the guesswork out and have done the homework so your package includes many of the top tools available in each aspect of your locking system.
  • Best Value – One package, and a whole lot of big savings

Guard Street is owned by Guard Street Partners, LLC. We are owned by a private equity company and based in the Chicago area. We’ve experienced phenomenal growth since our start and would like to thank our customers for their continued support.